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Breaking the Glass Ceiling on the Race Track

Unleash the thrill-seekers within as Tasha, Lana, and Adrian Flack shatter gender stereotypes, conquer adversity, and ignite a revolution in motorsport, inspiring a new generation of fearless female racers in this pulse-pounding podcast episode!

Who says adrenaline thrills are a boy's domain? The unstoppable trio - Tasha, Lana, and Adrian Flack - share their exhilarating journey from motorbikes to go-karting, the challenges they've faced, and their momentous triumphs. Lana, the first female to win the AKC race in over two decades, opens up about her experiences in a traditionally male-dominated sport and how she shattered the glass ceiling to earn the respect of her peers.

Their story doesn't end with the roar of the engines. Beyond the track, the Flack family is a testament to resilience. From dealing with bullying to balancing their business commitments with their passion for motorsport, they’ve faced it all. Yet, they’ve managed to keep their eyes on the prize, turning their hurdles into stepping stones towards success. Their race towards victory at the Newcastle AKC race and Lana's bond with her supportive team, Energy, are the stuff of motorsport legends.

Their journey did not just earn them trophies and accolades; it has inspired many young girls to don the racing helmet. Listen in as we unpack their strategies for fostering effective communication within the team, their upcoming trip to Italy, and their passion for motorsport that’s changing the narrative for females in the sport. The dynamics between Tasha, Lana, and Adrian are sure to leave you intrigued. From their lucky charms to their unique racing team name 'Flack Out Racing,' it's an episode that promises heart-pounding excitement. Buckle up, because this ride is anything but ordinary!

Chapter Summaries

(0:00:00) - Motorsport Journey and Challenges

The Flack family discuss their success in motorsport, their family's start with motorbikes, Lana's inspiration from her father, challenges faced as a female racer, and how go-karting has helped her fitness.

(0:07:29) - Challenges and Triumphs in Racing

Tasha, Lana, and Adrian overcame challenges to gain respect and form friendships in motorsport.

(0:13:55) - Resilience and Success in Go Karting

The Flack family overcame bullying to find success in go-karting, with Lana becoming the first female to win the AKC race in over 20 years, supported by her parents and Energy team.

(0:27:00) - Inspiration and Racing Enthusiasm

Tasha, Lana, and Adrian discussed bullying, a trip to Italy, AKC and ACC rounds, racing heroes, motorsport inspiration, Ferrari F1 fan club, and strategies for overcoming grip on the track.

(0:35:13) - Go Karting's Impact on Young Girls

The Flack family inspires young girls to take up motorsports, creating a supportive environment and friendly competition between Lana and her father.

(0:40:52) - Deals and Goals in Motorsport

Tasha, Lana, and Adrian's determination enabled them to achieve success in motorsport, inspiring young girls and Adrian's support enabled Tasha to stay determined and succeed.

(0:54:43) - Gender Equity, and Balancing Careers

Tasha, Lana, and Adrian achieved success in motorsport, inspiring young girls, and balancing business with activities, despite obstacles such as bullying.

(0:58:41) - Family Involvement in Go Karting

The Flack family's commitment to motorsport, teaching young girls mechanics, Tasha's win, and inspiring others are discussed.

(1:05:41) - Communicating With Girls in Racing

Adrian, Lana, and Tasha's hard work and dedication to motorsports is highlighted, exploring communication, feedback, inspiration, and commitment to Porsches.

(1:12:12) - Racing Experiences and Lucky Tooth

The Flack family's motorsport success, Lana's lucky tooth, 'Flack Out Racing', Adrian's communication with the girls, and Lana's feedback are discussed.

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