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Get ready to be inspired by Max Walton's incredible journey from go-karting prodigy to international racing sensation in this episode! 

On this thrilling episode of Negative Camber, we welcome young gun Max Walton, a motorsport enthusiast with an incredible story to tell. Listen in as Max shares his journey from go-karting at the tender age of four to winning his first race at seven, and then taking his passion overseas to compete in Europe. He offers a captivating comparison of the racing experiences in Europe and Australia, and gives a glimpse into his preparation for his first race meeting.

As we navigate the adrenaline-fueled world of motorsports with Max, we delve into his time racing for the FIA Academy in Europe, where he honed his skills and developed an aggressive driving style. Max reveals the strategies and technical aspects that helped him clinch the title of K2 Australian Cup Champion and two-time State Champion. He also sheds light on the differences between the Australian and European racing scenes, underscoring the importance of trust and confidence in both.

Max's ambitions don't stop at go-karting. Join us as we explore his future racing plans, including his dream of participating in big endurance events like Le Mans. He also shares his experience with the Radical car, his training regimen outside of the car, and his foray into sim racing. Balancing motorsport with education is no easy task, and Max offers insight into how he manages it all, emphasising the importance of support and infrastructure in achieving success in motorsport. Don't miss this exciting conversation with Max Walton - a young talent making his mark in the world of motorsport.

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